About Us

Our Vision

We live in a world where many people suffer from various health conditions, whilst trying to carry on with the challenges of life.

Just-pharmacy is an online pharmacy store powered by Popsons Healthcare Ltd, we are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. We are dedicated to helping you find your health in this world of disease and challenges. We bring you some of the biggest brands straight to your door, at affordable prices, so you don’t have to worry.

Just-pharmacy believes in a patient centric approach, we place you at the centre of everything we do.Our compassion is what fuels our team and helps keep us dedicated to bringing you a high quality service.

Our company is run by a team of expert pharmacists who have dedicated years to ensuring you have a great experience whilst taking your medication

Our Process

We understand that when you come online to order your medication its important that this process is seamless and that the medicines are available at a competitive price. We follow 3 simple steps:

  1. You order your medication online
  2. We receive your order, carry out the relevant checks
  3. Deliver your medication to your door